Journey 19" Kumho 225/55/R19 Replacement Tires Process

In efforts to reduce the complexity that some of our Fleet Accounts and FMCs are having with trying to procure the AWD Journey 19" Kumho 225/55/R19 replacement tires with contacting the Mopar Tire Works Plus contact center directly, please have your Fleet Accounts contact the CAC (Customer Assistance Center) at 800/992-1997.

FCA dealer orders are being fulfilled on an as-needed basis as requested for customer car down situations (including driving on mini-spare). Call Center agents receiving a Fleet Account / Customer request for these 19" Kumho tires should follow the Mopar T.I.R.E. Works Plus program:

1) Contact Mopar T.I.R.E. Works Plus Program Headquarters at 888.31.MOPAR (888.316.6727) with the customer contact information, location (city/state) of the customer, and customer's preferred FCA dealer (if one). They will open a CAIR and leave the CAIR open

  • Mopar T.I.R.E. Works Plus Program Headquarters rep will contact the customer's local FCA dealer (Tires are Only available through our Chrysler Dealers)
  • Dealer will contact the customer, verify the order and place the order with Dealer Tire
  • Dealer Tire will ship the tire(s) to the dealer for replacement on the customer vehicle
  • The dealer will contact the customer when the order has been received and are available for vehicle installation
  • Dealer Tire will call the call center back to close the CAIR once complete

2) Agent will close the CAIR once the situation has been resolved.

Effective April 2011, Engineering has approved Alternative 19 Inch Tires for MY 2009 - 2010 (JC) Journey. Please see the following Service Bulletin information: Models: 2009 -2010 (JC) Journey Subject: Service Bulletin 22-002-11 Overview: This bulletin specifies alternative 19" tires that should be used if the Khumo Solus KH16 P225/55R19 99T All Season (U.S. and Canada Markets Only) is not available. Discussion: The following 19" tires can be used as aftermarket replacement tires for the 2009 and 2010 model year Dodge Journey in the event that the Khumo Solus KH16 P225/55R19 99T All Season (U.S. and Canada Markets Only) are not available. Approved Alternative Tires:

  • Hankook Optimo P235/55R19 101H, DOT 5MH4 PDFH H725 Standard Touring All Season
  • Michelin Pilot P235/55R19 101H, DOT HN8F A31X HXMXM4 Grand Touring All Season

NOTE: It is recommended to use these tires only as sets of four.