Mopar Fleet Powertrain Program

Let Mopar manage your Fleet vehicle Powertrain needs

Managing your fleet vehicles has never been more challenging. Rising fuel and maintenance costs and shrinking budgets mean you have to do more with less to keep your fleet vehicles on the road and productive.

As your one-stop-source for authentic Powertrain products for Chrysler, Jeep® and Dodge vehicles, Mopar® stands ready to help keep your fleet vehicles operating at peak efficiency. Remanufactured products are fully backed by a 3 year / 80,000 mile Nationwide Warranty.

When your fleet vehicles need engine or transmission replacement-whether your vehicles are close to home or anywhere in the country-here's all you have to do to get them back on the road: Simply call our dedicated Fleet Powertrain Specialists at 888-226-0156. These factory trained experts can provide you with competitive price quotes, product information, dealer referrals, and more. If your Fleet has a Servicenet account you can also log on to to access Product and Catalog information.

Program Overview


Did you know that more than 20% of vehicles sold in the U.S. are sold to fleet customers? By the nature of their business, fleet customers have certain expectations when it comes to vehicle service and repair:

  • Quick service turnaround
  • Reasonable prices
  • Centralized billing
  • Prompt availability of parts

The purpose of Mopar's Fleet Powertrain Program is to provide fleet customers with Mopar engines and transmissions in a timely, consistent manner. Mopar offers a full line of powertrain products specifically engineered for Chrysler, Jeep® and Dodge vehicles. All Mopar Remanufactured powertrain products meet strict FCA Engineering specifications. Fleets prefer O.E. products and the Fleet Powertrain Program assures world-class service to this important and discerning customer base.

How it Works

When a fleet vehicle is in need of an engine or transmission, the fleet representative will contact the National Fleet Powertrain Hotline at 888-226-0156 or log onto to find the closest participating dealer. The dealer can have the needed Powertrain unit drop-shipped to the dealership or, if available through the Mopar Power Service Center process, have it delivered to the servicing repair facility. The dealership records the warranty information and secures the core return. The repaired vehicle is then returned to the fleet operator. Your dealership charges the participating Fleet account via Servicenet and you get paid on your next parts statement. Parts installed at an outside location should be billed on a "PARTS ONLY" claim via Servicenet.

Participation Requirements

In order to participate in the Fleet Powertrain Program, the following requirements must be met:

Parts and applicable labor will be billed to the fleet via Servicenet. Parts pricing is not to exceed 20% over dealer net (prior to any applicable discounts administered through Servicenet).*

  • No additional core or handling charges will be assessed (Mopar guarantees core acceptance).
  • If the vehicle is at your Dealership, the powertrain assembly will be installed on the same or next day (once parts have been received).

Mopar reserves the right to terminate this marketing program at any time upon notice. Mopar also reserves the right to deny any dealer participation in the program or remove them from this referral list should they determine that said dealer is not following program rules.

Mopar's Fleet Powertrain Program is a great way to highlight your interest in winning business from these important fleet accounts. If further information or clarification is required, please contact Mopar's Fleet Account Manager Mark Frawley at (248) 512-0387 or e-mail Questions regarding Powertrain Service Centers can be directed to Scott Pruyt at or (888) 361-4711

* All transactions are assessed a Servicenet fee of 2%.