Eligibility and Enrollment

How to Become a Fleet Customer

A Fleet account is defined by FCA US LLC as any company that qualifies under the requirements listed below, then you and/or your lessor are welcome to apply for a Fleet Account Number (FAN).

  • A) purchasing and/or leasing five (5) or more vehicles of any make or model during the current or preceding calendar year, current or preceding model year or preceding 12-month period, or:
  • B) currently operating 15 or more vehicles (owned or leased) - the individual or company must be able to establish that they possess the required number of vehicles, or:
  • C) currently operating a livery company and having a valid state-approved livery license

If you are interested in becoming a Fleet customer, please complete the online Qualified Fleet Customer Enrollment Form. You can also download the form, if necessary. Once the online form is completed, a Fleet Account Number (FAN) will be sent, to the submitted contact email on the online form, within an hour.

If you have any questions, need to changes to an existing FAN, or need general assistance, please call FCA US LLC Fleet Information Center at 1-800-999-3533.